Watch “Saved” our new video

Watch the Eclectic Vinyl Orchestra’s ( first official video, Saved! We recorded the audio live off the floor at Turtleshell Studio, and got some great live performance video shot by Latent Image Design as well.

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Matty’s Storyboard

Here is a synopsis of Matty’s storyboard when he first pitched the idea for the video.

Hey Guys.  

So, I’m thinking we’ll need to mix some shots of the Stu on guitar and then shooting craps in an alley with his boys (us). But the catch is… Some women are looking on in total disgust (I’m hoping our significant others will want to play the part). Maybe Stu’s wife will be open to playing the part of the Sally Ann (the Salvation Army girl he falls in love with.)

Note: Stu’s wife was not open to playing this part.

We’re all in period clothes (as best we can) and the Red Brick Cafe is the perfect back drop.
And we need a shot of him …

Playing craps


smoking and drinking:


and fighting


The woman needs to be somewhere visible, taking it all in and visibly playing the ‘holier than thou’ part, but she needs to have a twinkle in her eye by now.

She’s starting to like Stu and his rough edges.
And we’ll mix in some footage of the band playing live. There will (hopefully) be some great dancing the night of Fri May 27th, and great crowd participation with loads of jazz hands etc.
Then the tide starts to turn for Stu. He starts to fall for Sally Ann and we need a shot of him gazing at her in uniform (can we come up with a Salvation Army uniform?).


So by now, Jim is into his sax solo, and we need some close ups mixed with crowd reaction:


Back to Stu, trying to woo Sally Ann, but she just won’t give him the time of day… but she still has that twinkle in her eye.


More band playing live, then Stu gets the idea of joining the Salvation Army. With his boys crowded around him, he straps on a big bass drum (I have one we can use), and his boys help him up with the drum, and he goes marching past Sally Ann (but the camera doesn’t show at this point that one of his boys {possibly me} is bent over, carrying the bass drum on his back. (Sorry, I couldn’t find a photo of anything even close to what I have in mind!)


Then we basically finish the video with some more live footage, and then a shot that has Sally Ann walking arm in arm with Stu who’s playing the bass drum… and the camera backs up enough to see that the band is actually carrying the drum FOR him.

Cut back to the crowd clapping and us ending the song.

The final shot is of Sally Ann looking over her shoulder while she takes a drink out of her hip flask and enters a game of craps in the same alley that Stu was in earlier. If possible, Stu marches by beating the bass drum with the band carrying if for him.

Talk to you later, brothers.


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